Dr. Mosk Consulting

Organizational Services

Driving results through superior organizational performance management
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We analyze critical issues and functions in your organization to provide practical, strategic and effective solutions to improve performance at both the macro and micro level. We have worked with numerous industries over 30 years, within and outside the C-suite, where we have advised on human capital, leadership, organizational culture and process improvement issues.

A key focus is on the behavioral health industry where we apply our decades of expertise and leadership to help guide organizations align their clinical, operational and revenue management systems. Derived from our proficiencies in clinical psychology and organizational behavior management, our unique and impactful approach to addressing workplace issues assures improvement in an organization’s effectiveness and ability to transform successfully to achieve your desired results.

Behavioral Healthcare Organizational Consulting

  • Boost Profitability
    We draw upon our expertise in clinical service delivery, operations, risk mitigation and revenue cycle management to help clients align their clinical, operational, and revenue systems to optimize clinical outcomes and efficiencies, and boost profitability.


  • Increase Patient Engagement
    We have deep knowledge of population health strategies, clinical protocols and outcomes measurement, and expertise in integrating behavioral health services into medical settings and increasing patient engagement.
  • Payer Side Consulting
    In parallel with decades of work on the provider side of healthcare services, we also have experience working in and consulting extensively to the payer side. This has afforded Dr. Mosk Consulting with unique perspectives and insights into the insurance claims process that we bring to help solve providers’ difficult revenue challenges.

Healthcare Utilization Management

  • Experience with Healthcare Insurers
    We have consulted to many dozens of healthcare insurers, including MCOs, self-insureds and TPAs for 25 years.


  • Training and Protocal Development
    Our advisory work includes training insurance industry professionals and developing protocols related to mental health utilization review, utilization management, and disease management and related impacts on clinical care.
  • Measurement Systems
    We have developed complex systems to measure and manage medical necessity, level of care transition and treatment efficacy issues.


  • Ensure Compliance and Minimize Denials
    Dr. Mosk Consulting applies this extensive knowhow to help provider organizations implement utilization management processes in their clinical and operational systems to ensure regulatory compliance and to minimize claims denials.

Corporate & Leadership Enhancement

  • Employee Assessments
    Since the 1990s, Dr. Mosk Consulting has conducted several hundred tailored, competency‐based employee assessments and designed talent incentive systems.


  • Workplace Dynamics
    We work extensively with HR professionals to analyze organizational and workplace dynamics such as management and communication styles, motivational systems, and culture norms to identify stressors and assess competencies.
  • Executive Assessments and Coaching
    We provide individualized executive assessments and coaching to foster enhanced leadership skills and effectiveness, and to facilitate resolution of organizational systems and human capital issues.


  • Certified Mediator
    As a certified mediator, Dr. Mosk serves as trusted advisor to corporate leaders in both public and private sectors.

Private Equity Advisory

  • Investigate Investment Opportunities
    As the healthcare industry consolidation continues, Dr. Mosk Consulting applies experience and expertise to assist private equity firms in investigating investment opportunities related to a novel idea or a company with an established track record seeking capital.


  • Explore Potential Investment Targets
    We also help these firms explore potential investment targets that may be still too early for outright acquisition.
  • Prepare for Capitalization or Acquisition
    We can function in leadership advisory roles to help target organizations achieve their goals in preparation for possible capitalization or acquisition.