Dr. Mosk Consulting

Forensic Psychology

Bringing clarity and meaning into the chaos of litigation

Forensic Assessment

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We conduct impartial, systematic, comprehensive and scientifically-based mental health assessments for a variety of legal matters. Our forensic examinations and expert opinions have been requested by legal professionals and court systems for more than three decades. While we concentrate in the areas of family law and workers’ compensation law, we are adept in other legal areas as well. Our investigations are done with great attention to detail but efficiently and cost-effectively. Through thoughtful and rational analyses and an ability to communicate effectively, we produce understandable and defensible reports with clear, data-supported opinions that competently answer even the most challenging medical-legal questions for the court.

  • Extensive Experience
    As evaluators and expert witnesses, Dr. Mosk Consulting has conducted over 1,000 comprehensive forensic and independent medical examinations for courts in California and Illinois. We have extensive experience performing court-ordered mental health evaluations in several legal specialty areas, and testifying in those matters.

  • Diagnosis and Treatment
    We are experts in diagnosing and treating PTSD in employment related matters, and in the assessment of parenting capacity for family court.


  • Assessments and Evaluations
    We have deep experience in conducting evaluations in workers’ compensation, child custody and disability matters, as well as competency exams in immigration cases. We have performed numerous violence risk assessments, employee fitness for duty evaluations and substance use screenings. Our proficiencies include psychodiagnostic testing, functional behavior assessment, and deception detection procedures.


  • A Designated Expert
    As a designated expert, Dr. Mosk has evaluated employees from dozens of Fortune 500 firms, including Boeing, Federal Express, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, the National Football League, Ford Motor Company and Citibank.


Litigation Support

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We collaborate and provide you with an understanding, analysis and insights on case-specific mental health issues to help you design litigation strategies that maximize your success in court. We have been advising the legal community on a wide variety of psychological and behavioral issues since 1990. We particularly specialize in the review and critique of experts’ forensic reports including the use of proper forensic procedures and psychological testing. Our thorough clinical and forensic analyses together with our expert medical-legal advice ensures that you are optimally prepared to achieve your desired results in court.
  • Full Litigation Support
    We provide litigation support for attorneys and legal professionals, including reviewing and analyzing experts’ work products, consulting on cross-examination strategies, reviewing records and preparing litigants to undergo forensic interviews.


  • Well-Versed in Protocols
    We are well-versed in forensic guidelines as well as standard assessment methods and protocols in forensic examinations, including the use of psychological testing. Dr. Mosk Consulting has lectured and consulted extensively on this subject.
  • Experienced Expert Witness
    Our deep background and experience in multiple areas of forensic practice, together with a well-rounded publication and presentation resume has made us highly desired evaluators, instructors and expert witnesses.