Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Empowering you to live a happy and healthy life

We provide the tools you need to feel dramatically better and achieve more in life, teaching and coaching you to improve and manage your attitude, emotions and behaviors. Our evidence-based therapeutic methods have been shown effective and beneficial to clients for over 30 years, and we have helped thousands of clients relieve their symptoms and improve their performance. We particularly specialize in helping families cope with the stress and aftermath of divorce, as well as treating persons suffering from acute anxiety, PTSD and depression. Our treatment approach enables you to live a more enjoyable, fulfilling and meaningful life, and gives you the skills to manage challenges in the future.
Dr. Mark Mosk


  • As highly trained clinicians, we bring deep experience and a wealth of expertise and skills to treat a broad range of behavioral health disorders, including persons suffering with associated medical conditions and substance use. 
  • We use only evidence-based treatment methods to ensure effective and efficient treatment outcomes that are durable and beneficial to our clients.
  • We specialize in cognitive-behavioral therapies for adults and older adolescents with emotional difficulties such as PTSD, depression and anxiety. We also are experts in ABA therapy and the treatment of autism-spectrum disorders.

Special Clinical Issues

  • We help families undergoing the stress of divorce and child custody battles. Our research in the area of normative parenting in North America informs our advocacy for positive parenting and awareness of parental alienation in divorcing families. We are designing tactics for early identification of alienating behavior in parents pressing litigation in family court.
  • Dr. Mosk Consulting continues to develop the Parenting Profile Assessment System, a technology designed to help professionals organize their line of questioning about parenting activities and abilities, to simplify and structure the investigation process, uncover potential allegations by parents, maximize efficiency and derive behavioral data to supplement clinical findings. This approach is intended to help provide a richer composite of information to educate and inform the court, using a common language understood by all parties involved in the litigation. 
  • We are proficient in the assessment and treatment of PTSD, including its impact on one’s ability to function effectively, especially in the workplace. 
  • We also have developed, validated and copyrighted the Functional Capacity Assessment Profile, a clinical decision-support tool used to explore an individual’s ability to function effectively, to set treatment goals and to measure therapeutic progress. 
  • In addition to addressing the emotional aftermath of workplace violence and other mass traumas, we have conducted numerous threat assessments for businesses, and we have trained and educated many individuals and organizations on violence prevention tactics.