Dr. Mosk Consulting

About Dr. Mosk

Dr. Mosk completed his doctorate in clinical psychology at Western University in London, Canada in 1982. He began his career as a clinical and research psychologist at the UCLA School of Medicine. As a highly trained clinician, Dr. Mosk has treated thousands of patients with a broad range of behavioral health disorders over his career, applying evidence-based methods including cognitive behavior therapy, behavioral assessment, and applied behavior analysis to improve patients’ lives. He is the coauthor of the Functional Capacity Assessment Profile, a clinical decision-support tool used to explore an individual’s ability to function effectively, to set treatment goals, and to measure therapeutic progress.

In his capacity as a forensic evaluator and expert witness for over three decades, Dr. Mosk has conducted more than 1,000 comprehensive forensic examinations for various courts, and he educates the legal profession on medical-legal assessment procedures. He had been providing litigation support for attorneys that includes analyzing experts’ work products, consulting on cross-examination strategies, and preparing litigants to undergo forensic interviews. Dr. Mosk’s work in high-conflict divorce includes his co-authoring of the Parenting Profile Assessment System, an instrument designed to optimize the forensic investigation process in child custody evaluations.

In addition to his advisory role to behavioral healthcare companies for the past 30 years, he also helps diverse organizations identify root causes of managerial difficulties, and he recommends solutions to foster organizational excellence. He is a widely published author, thought leader, and has lectured extensively to professional and lay groups on a wide variety of healthcare topics. He also has served on the faculty of several academic institutions. Dr. Mosk is a licensed psychologist in California and Illinois, and he provides consultations nationally.