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Dr. Mosk Consulting provides customized professional services to help and guide individuals undergoing transitional periods in their lives, organizations experiencing significant changes, and parties involved in lawsuits. We ensure that clients navigate successfully through transformation and litigation processes by leveraging our unique and powerful blend of tools from clinical psychology, applied behavioral science and forensic analysis to offer distinct and proven methods to solve a variety of presenting challenges.

We are committed to improving peoples’ emotional well-being, helping organizations and businesses achieve their objectives, and accurately informing the court about each litigant’s psychological health.

I am seeking services as an:

Our advanced skills in performance management, process improvement, leadership development and human capital optimization inform our strategies for organization transformation.

Our deep background and experience in multiple areas of forensic practice, together with a well-rounded publication and presentation resume has made us highly desired evaluators, instructors and expert witnesses.

We bring deep experience and a wealth of expertise and skills to treat a broad range of behavioral health disorders, including persons suffering with associated medical conditions and substance use.


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Rating Psychiatric Impairment

I previously reviewed some of the challenges of measuring the severity of psychiatric injuries, and I recommended that IME examiners attempt to minimize reliance on…
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