Dr. Mosk Consulting

Clinical and Forensic Psychology

Helping clients navigate transitional periods in their lives

Our Services

Dr. Mosk Consulting provides customized professional services to help and guide individuals undergoing transitional periods in their lives, organizations experiencing significant changes, and parties involved in lawsuits. 

Clinical Psychology

We bring vast experience and a wealth of expertise and skills to treat a broad range of behavioral health disorders such as anxiety and depression, and we specialize in helping persons facing divorce, marital discord and family dysfunction, and those suffering from medical conditions.

Forensic Psychology

Our deep background and experience in providing wide-ranging medical-legal services, together with a well-rounded publication and presentation resume has made us highly desired forensic evaluators, instructors and expert witnesses.

Organizational Consulting

We have worked with numerous industries over 30 years, within and outside the C-suite, where we have advised on human capital, leadership, organizational culture and process improvement issues.


We specialize in cognitive-behavioral therapies for emotional difficulties such as PTSD, depression and anxiety. We also are experts in ABA therapy and the treatment of autism-spectrum disorders.

Litigation Support

We have been advising the legal community on a wide variety of psychological and behavioral health issues since 1990.

Corporate & Leadership Enhancement

We work extensively with HR professionals to analyze organizational and workplace dynamics such as management and communication styles, motivational systems, and culture norms to identify stressors and assess competencies.

Dr. Mark Mosk


Dr. Mark Mosk, PhD

I have been providing clinical, forensic, and organizational consulting services for over 30 years.

As a licensed psychologist, I have spent my career promoting the advancement of high quality, accessible, and affordable behavioral healthcare services to better the lives of all Americans. Using my extensive business management experience, I also facilitate strategic, innovative and tailored data-driven solutions to complex organizational challenges, in the healthcare sector and beyond. I look forward to helping you or your organization achieve your goals, improve your well-being and thrive well into the future.

Thought Leadership

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Should You Trust Psychological Testing?

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The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow: Recovery from Mass Trauma

It was 4:31AM on January 17, 1994, when the world began to implode. At that moment, with furniture and the bed in which my wife and I had been sleeping shaking violently, and with the deafening sounds of objects falling, glass breaking and wood twisting under pressure...

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Helping Attorney Clients Get Into Therapy

Helping Attorney Clients Get Into Therapy

Second to mental health providers and physicians, lawyers are the next most likely professional group to encounter clients experiencing significant emotional challenges. Family law attorneys regularly interact with distraught clients as individuals undergoing divorce...

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